Medal of Honor Review: Amazing, and Disappointing

Medal of Honor is a title that DreamWorks has revitalized from the ground up and introduced something new and exciting into the realm of first person shooters. A first person shooter with a storyline is amazing, even if it is widely distributed, and not to mention this is the first decent shooting title a console has yet to see since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 platform. The only thing that is disappointing about this title is the incapability of its mission structure. It forces you to do necessary things than feel the heat of the battle, and while you get a feel for the battlefield – it is not all there.

Medal of Honor takes place in World War II, and the protagonist is a member of the Office of Strategic Services Department. From here, we need to steal documents and basically cripple Hitler and Germany’s Nazi plans. Through the use of stealth, and brute force – Medal of Honor makes the gameplay incredible and realistic despite horrible shooting aspects and semi-decent A.I. The title is no Castle Wolfenstein, but it is definitely a fast paced action game like Quake and Duke Nukem.

While a lot of people are claiming on the user forums that the enemy A.I. is realistic, I beg to differ. The enemy A.I. flanks horribly, knowing you can easily counteract their flank. Furthermore, the enemy A.I. flails around, and just shoots at any moving thing. Real soldiers they wait, and while they shoot incessantly, they also know not to give out their position.

Medal of Honor is a welcome title into the first-person shooter category. It does things amazingly, but not amazing enough to get the Editor’s Choice award.

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