Metal Gear Online: 25 Beta Key Giveaway.

Post your comments here, and we will pick 25 luckies at random in groups/sets of 15 each.

Winners will be announced soon.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. I would like to be in this..

    PSN: jvelite

  2. I’m Posting…Hey Guys…Hope I Win…Crosses Fingers

  3. I hope I win….

    PSN: wiseguy272

  4. PSN is Shang

    Hope I get one. Good luck to everyone.

  5. I win you lose!

    Thanks in advance for the beta key I will recieve after I win.

  6. if i have a chancce to win this ..theres probably a chance i wont go out of my house.. i love this company and especaily metal gear series..and this this is wat ive been waiting for and plz ge me a chance to play at least a part of this game..i live in a small town were eb games dont exist lol.. and i cant preoder because walmart here doesnt do plz again i woul love to have a chance to play thhxx and if not hopefully our guyes game turrns out to be the best off allll:)

  7. plus my PSN ID IS MY NAME”Kumbafi”

  8. I’m probably too late but I would very much enjoy a beta key ;p

    My psn= HaLLu_

    thanks =)

  9. I don’t think I won… Oh well. Thanks guys for the opportunity and congrats on everyone that got a key. :]

  10. PSN id is the same as this name. Oh lawd,

  11. psn Bloodhunter84 i hope i get in good luck ya

  12. I need this key, been a metal gear fan since nintendo days!

  13. PSN = Feedme3737

  14. Me please!! PSN: Providence_

  15. Hey i could use one. Gamestop gave me a 9 digit code that is invalid. Now i find out i need a 12 digit code and it seemingly impossible to obtain one. PSN:spunnups….email-

  16. Wait can you post multiple times? Or does that go against any kind of unsaid rules? Hopefully this doesn’t end my chances! PSN- Aciel

  17. Plz give me a code. PSN: TagalogCORE

  18. might be a little late but hey worth every shot

    PSN: camulos

  19. SNAKE!!! There will be blood…

  20. My psn is Lespinasse

    or hit me up on my email


  21. I really would like to get a beta key.

  22. Beta keys have all been given out to those who had something useful to post other than saying “PSN: x; peace out.” Or “I need one or would like one” or just begging in general. Keys were given out to those who displayed some sense of community anywhere and didn’t just sign up to use this site or fill the database.

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