MGS 5 A Reality

Kojima has confirmed that MGS4 is not the last people will see of the series. Once thought to be the final outcome to the series, MGS4 will have a successor with or without snake.

Kojima noted that the Kojima Productions staff is taking time off now that MGS4 has gone gold, but proudly slip in

We have to start thinking about MGS5. Snake’s story is finished with MGS4, however.

Okay, so Snake’s dead which leaves us going will it actually be MGS5? Well, he was probably saying it as word of mouth, but the actual “Solid” series will continue, but whether “5” will be in there remains a mystery.

I’d like to leave the producer role to another person. I want the new MGS to be made by a young person. If it has action involving sneaking missions, I believe it is okay whatever direction it takes.

If you think that MGS4 will be the best of the series, think again. Like the great guy he is, he’s constantly seeing what he can improve on at the very least.

I thought that there was no longer a need to worry about space said Kojima, reflecting on his thinking at the time of the announcement in Spain. At the time of CD-ROM, it was the same — I was happy at no longer needing to worry about space.

Interview credits to Famitsu

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  1. Like, Oh Em Gee MGS will still continue? Like zomg I can’t believe this, YES!

    I hope the game puts a wig on me.

  2. Hahah. A wig…what the heck

  3. he has some issues it would seem.

  4. Not enough space…the heck! What’s wrong with you KOOOJIMAAA

  5. Well, blu-ray in itself is a new medium which can easily be filled. He’s using pure raw audio, and refused to compress it—what the HELL did he expect? Even double layer blu-ray isn’t enough!

  6. Seriously I want Some Metal Gear Raiden

  7. Im writing kojima threats now so he better make mgs5

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