Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Gears of War 2 is going

See videos for beginning.

Rendevouz with death trailer

Cliff Bleszinski is here. God his haircut is awful. But who am I to judge ?

“Most anticipated title this holiday season

He used the word precarious. Nice

Going to demo co-op.

First Impression, Gears of War 2 has an enhanced particle system as a result of the updated engine.

The demo glitches and starts again. Go figure.

Goal: “ Make it to the bottom of the sinkhole”

Definitely a more increased texture system, running is 100% different on site. Everything looks amazing as usual, but this is a spherical node environment with a procedural texture system. Enemy mounts a resistance-like vehicle.

So original. Hah.

Time to record some footage!

Here comes the BS marketing stats.

Sold 5x more than the 360. He says Xbox 360 will sell more consoles TOTAL than the PS3. It seems someone is threatened.

A year ago more than 6 million ppl connected to Xbox Live

New member every 5 seconds ?

Share for the first time: More than 1 billion $ on Xbox Live.

More than 500 million pieces of content.

Partners: Disney , WB , ABC, etc.

New partner: NBC, Universal (go figure with HD-DVD) Universal had to make up for their disfealty.

Microsoft just blew Sony’s online community grid WIDE open. Complete domination with a Wii-parynamous gaming community know as Xbox Live Friends.

It’s seamless with arcade games, and it’s simply amazing. It makes you want to buy a Xbox 360.

In addition, they just redefined the line between TV and gaming by combining the Live onset of features with the Xbox Live Friends.

Exclusive: Portal Still Alive

Xbox 360 Exclusive Arcade game of South Park. No wonder cartman keeps playing his 360.

This is madness. Pure and utter effulgence at its best. The rest seems so insipid in comparison to what they just announced. Literally over our heads in the jocose of our own community gaming and reality television addiction.

Netflix…meh. Blockbuster > All

They just announced that you can SHARE any movie/tv shows you buy.

Video coming soon of our coverage.

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