Microsoft Explorer Mouse Review: Stupendous

Microsoft Explorer Mouse Review

Microsoft’s Explorer Mouse is simply the best mouse you can get right now on the market. It is stunning, vibrant, and innovative through the core features that Microsoft implements in their new line of Hardware Anywhere products. The Explorer Mouse  gives you flexibility, by way of its proprietary BlueTrack sensor.

The Explorer Mouse is one of two products released  from Microsoft using an internally developed sensor technology called BlueTrack. The accuracy is beyond that of a laser mice with the wide-area projection of optical mice, BlueTrack gives you the ability to use the Explorer Mouse on the reflective and rough-textured surfaces that would give other kinds of mice trouble. The Explorer Mouse comes with the typical standard features that are pellucid of the higher-end spectrum.  The mouse works on a wireless 2.4GHz connection, and comes packaged with a USB receiver that snaps into the bottom of the mouse itself for travel. The installation of the mouse itself is very easy, despite the actual complexity of the mouse and works extremely well.

The only issues with the mouse are the typical and perspicuous scroll wheel itself. The scrollwheel is incredibly apt, but unfortunately it does not base the wheel scrolls in terms of increments and as a result poses a slight problem to perfection.

All other things aside, one of the best features of this mouse is thankfully the sleek design. We can applaud the contemporary style that makes the mouse not only amazing to use, but also very efficient at displaying the amount of flexibility it contains with an ergonomic design. The chrome highlights are enticing and the mouse itself serves to offer extremely comfortable use.

Microsoft Explorer Mouse Review

The Microsoft Explorer Mouse is undeniably one of the best mouse on the market, despite some other mice that come paired with a dpi toggle. In reality, the dpi toggle is just a plus but that is not what makes a mouse a product. What makes a great product is the amount of confidence you have in that it performs as well as the happy people on the box will have you believe. The Microsoft Explorer Mouse is simply a great investment.

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