Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 Review: Exquisite Taste

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 Review

A keyboard is something that often gets overlooked. Day by day, people continue to use their PCs for hardcore reasons or soft-core ones, while completely ignoring the true need: a comfortable and finally revolutionary keyboard that provides great support. The Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 abates the serious acerbic strokes caused by low-end keyboards that are far from few. By providing a sleek ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and increased productivity, the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 exemplifies a perfect value for every dollar spent on a keyboard. This keyboard is the one to get if seeking a new keyboard in the vast wilderness of the technological ocean.

The ergonomic design is simply exquisite taste on part of Microsoft. The Comfort Curve keyboard fits to the layout of the frame very easily, and accents the overall black tone of the side layer. The most apparent design influence comes from the Windows Aero, a dynamic Windows Vista 3D display system for OS windows. The translucent border has excellent elegance that complements the actual keys of the keyboard. There is an interesting six degree curve, which shows that the smallest effect has a huge consequence; It is conducive of perfect hand balance while making sure the wrists do not experience hyperextension thanks to the “soft touch” wrist pad.

Actual wireless functions run off a 2.4GHz wireless transceiver that picks up frequency for a 30-foot wireless range, which is incredibly nice to have for a keyboard, and mostly an additional feature as most only feature around 15-foot radius space. The battery life indicator implemented on the keyboard itself is helpful, and instinctive that displays two colors: Green indicates good to go, and Red indicates new source of power (2 AA Batteries) are needed.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 Review

Productivity is rampant with the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000. The keyboard comes implemented with simple yet easy One-Touch buttons in order to access anything. Copy/Paste functions, or “My Favorites” Keys to program a key to your most used files, folders, or a website. Simply push and hold a key to assign it and you are being productive under 2 seconds. All of these exclude the hotkeys alone which also aid to make productivity fast and efficient.

There is very little else to say about the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000. The product speaks for itself from the sleek red cover it came with, to the amazing design, and the very easy and customizable experience in the use of this device. Searching for a new keyboard? Search no further. This is definitely one that is worth the money spent.

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