Midnight Hour At Louvre With My Canon

French Correspondent for WhatIfGaming Jeanne Marie (right from his blog) has this to say:

No one was whispering not even a mouse. -Jeanne at UBIDAYS 08 Paris

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Nice.

  2. I’ve been to the Louvre. Nice area.

  3. WiG FTW. Amazing stuff people

  4. Amazing coverage. Loved the vids. I’d like to see some direct feeds, but I know they weren’t allowing that too much at UBIDAYS this time around

  5. I’m impressed how empty it is. Only 1 car though. I live in France, so I can tell that it’s a bit like that. Omg. Can I meet Jeanne ? lol!

  6. FreedomPhantom Likes What He Sees

  7. Why doesn’t India look like that ; ( ?

  8. Because you guys already have the Taj Mahal. Shut up. > : )

  9. Hahahah! He said it in French. Nice Usman. I like that about you. Your writing style is different than most, and so upbeat and lively. Keep on writing genius like this man.

    As for the Louvre at midnight WOW. I want that canon!

  10. Beautiful stuff WhatIfGaming crew

  11. Aww. So cute whatifgaming. haha. I showed this to all my girlfriends and they quite liked the french 😉

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