Monks Love Their Counter-Strike Source!

In another one for the weird column, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox discussed the story about a group of Monks and their love for Counter-Strike Source.

Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford described the shocking, but quirky discovery:

I was a bit surprised when I was in China and I was told about a group of Monks who live in a temple next to a Cybercafe. Apparently, the monks are not permitted to drink alcohol, eat meat or be married, but it’s totally acceptable for them to play violent video games. Apparently, this group of Monks spent a lot of time next door to their temple at the Cybercafe playing Counter-Strike.

Kind of funny right? A bit lost? Let us clear it up after the jump.

Yeah, yes, that’s true. One of the main precepts of Buddhist lifestyle is that one “shall not kill others.” But in reality, there is a loophole to this clause in the realm of video games. Why? Because video games aren’t real. Obviously. We knew that..right?

Chris Lynch, a world traveler described his reaction to MTV’s blog on this subject:

I never thought I’d see a monk pull out his knife and hack someone to death because he’d run out of ammo! The monks I saw were mostly teenagers, dressed in dark maroon robes, but otherwise pretty much the same as boys everywhere. They were quieter, but not in an intense, competitive way — they were having a lot of fun shooting each other, and chatting among themselves while they did.

The primary sightings appear in Labrang Monastery, by the luscious Xiahe County in China’s Gansu province. AsThe Internet café in question isn’t far from the monastery, which Lynch described as run down and similar to the Himalayas. The net cafe, if you can call it that, was running computers that make PC’s from 98′ to looks next-gen.

So, clearly monks love their Counter-Strike Source, but what if those aren’t the only things they play? Maybe a little bit of Diablo 2 and Half-Life perhaps? Yep! Monks were found playing those too, even though CS:S was the predominant game of choice.

But wait, we aren’t talking about the old ‘sensei’ monks here. No, we are talking about teenagers who are on their way to become professed monks. Either way, the story is pretty great! Now what if the older ones actually started playing? I wonder what sort of an effect the CS:S gun killing violence will have on the monks in the future? Who knows.

In China, Monks Mix ‘Counter-Strike’ With Spiritual Enlightenment

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