Monster Hunter 2G: 1.5 Million Love It

MH2As it says, MH2G sold nearly 1.5 million in Japan alone for the PSP, making it one of the most profitable PSP titles in the console’s history. Capcom stated that it is poised to surpass sales of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, PSP’s first million-selling title in Japan, shipping as units in about two weeks.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2G released March 27 this year, and is available in Japan as a standalone title or a pack-in with PSP hardware. As of now, the series has sold a total of 6.8 million units worldwide since its 2004 debut on PlayStation 2. I guess, this just shows that freedom in the games industry is something people are craving. Even though the game itself is slave to linear concepts. Cue sarcastic face here.

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