New Mexico to Nanny Tax Your Games

Some douchebags lawmakers think that you should be taxed for playing too many video games. Now I’m no fancy politician but that makes about as much sense as putting a tax on breathing.

State Rep. Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo) has introduced in the legislature a new tax measure, House Bill 583, that would force consumers to pay a 1 percent excise tax on purchases of video games, gaming consoles, and TVs.

1 percent?! Why don’t they just take away my kidneys, those blood suckers!!!

The revenue generated from the game and TV tax would be used to fund a new state educational effort aimed at getting kids out of the house. True to the aim of the measure, introduced in January, the sponsors have even given the bill the creative title, “The Leave No Child Inside Act.”

Here’s a more creative title, Douchebags Do Stupid $#@! Act. New Mexico gamers, it is your duty to send letters to your rep telling them how bad an idea this is! Today it is games, but what if tomorrow it is your anime collection? We gotta stop these guys now, before it is too late!

New Mexico Considers Video Game Nanny Tax []

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