NASA Wants Education MMO

NASA wants an educational MMO according to a press release, and is offering a $3M license agreement, contrary to reports of cutting its budget. The budget will be used for NASA’s contributions to the project, including access to media assets, data, archives, and NASA “subject matter experts,” such as engineers and scientists.

The point about ‘negotiating brand placement’ was in regards to NASA’s logo. They have very specific and restrictive rules about how, where, and when the NASA logo is presented. Most large companies have similar rules, but NASA is really picky about it. The logo can’t be used in such a way as to imply that NASA endorses a particular product or political stance, or whatever. They were quite clear about their willingness to try to work around this a bit and make it work. -Robert Rice, Author

Profits made will be split between NASA and the MMO developer yet unannounced. Imagine that. Online MMO scientists, figuring out problems on a virtual space hub. Funky.

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