NBA 2K14 Review: 2K13 Without Jay-Z’s Horrible Contribution, And All Of The Mediocrity

NBA 2K14 does very little to earn its money other than updating rosters to August 3rd, 2013 and adding some minor improvements over NBA 2K13, all of which insurmountably accounts to very little. 2K Sports have quite possibly outdone their previous installment’s mediocrity in this new title and created a basketball game that has essentially convinced a gullible audience to keep shelving out money for its money-maker staple like a bad oil salesman at a carnival convention. While NBA 2K14 improves on things, it is very little to deserve the MSRP of $60.

NBA 2K14 has virtually the same gameplay aspects as NBA 2K13. While NBA 2K13 added more to the MyCareer line-up which was a great addition, 2K14 feels too much like the same. The faces are also horribly done once again in terms of realism and actual definition – and many mod based users are already hard at work fixing 2K Sports’ mess in terms of replacing .IFF files on the PC with relative success. As for console users, they are mostly out of luck and have to suffer the disappointment of hard money flushed down the toilet.  NBA 2K12 is worth more than its successors twice over, and that is saying a lot for the undeniable sum of money that 2K14 has amounted to make – at least when one is talking for LeBron James’ paycheck. The game starts off with rather cheesy inspirational drivel from LeBron James about not giving up – clearly read from a cue card because such nonsensical prose and execution has to be written down. Then again, LeBron is not exactly known for his pedigree in writing but for his moves on the court. The gameplay has updated rosters, and carries numerous other improvements. Those improvements, mostly being imaginary and marketing gimmick. Yes the core animations are smooth, and the gameplay retains a lot of fluidity in terms of Shot Stick dribbling and counter-balance. But these are certainly not enough after an entire year and relatively sticking to the same formula. A formula is great, only with added improvements and when a core audience is entirely satisfied with the results.

The online mode in NBA 2K14 also is exactly like 2K13. Relatively little if at all has changed. It plays out just like the MyCareer mode or the Path to Greatness mode and is something which remains the same usually across all titles. Lag is present in online matchmaking and the issues exist – but online has always remained fun regardless of the game.

Every game is judged separately, but if the next title offers relatively little other than updated rosters, rehashed graphical assets, and a mediocre ‘Path to Greatness’ mode, it is called out on being a rip-off, which is what NBA 2K14 essentially is. Anyone claiming NBA 2K14 has “gotten better” or is the best one yet compared to NBA 2K13 is not comparing with much – like measuring one form of recycled garbage for another. One cannot be simply that deluded. All it takes is playing NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K14  and simply seeing and experiencing no change. Gamers should take out $60 from their wallet, and concurrently shred them into little pieces one by one and make confetti out of their money. In the end, this will be a far more productive and engaging experience than 2K Sports’ NBA 2K14.

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