Ninja’s Coming Soon/ Gaiden 2 Dated + Demo

Microsoft dated Ninja Gaiden II for June 6th in Europe and to celebrate, there will be a spanking new demo on it as well. When? Next month is when.

Good enough?

Hit the jump for the full update.

LONDON – 24th April 2008 – Microsoft today announced the release date of the highly anticipated Ninja Gaiden II, designed by revolutionary game designer Tomonobu Itagaki of Team Ninja. Exclusive to Xbox 360™, Ninja Gaiden II will be available across Europe from 6th June for an estimated retail price of £44.99.

Ryu Hayabusa returns in this blockbuster action-packed sequel to ‘Ninja Gaiden’, on a mission to avenge his clan and prevent the destruction of the human race. Universal themes of vengeance and honour are played out from Tokyo to New York and to the netherworld as a series of dramatic events create a truly compelling story.

Players must become the ninja, utilising a revolutionary combat system that demands skill and mastery of a massive arsenal of weapons. “Ninja Gaiden II” features unique acrobatic combat, tooled with brutal new primary weapons and enhanced version of old favourites, and Obliteration Techniques allow players to finish off opponents with devastating speed and style, representing a true evolution of the highly popular franchise.

The franchise’s distinctive gameplay is accentuated by a new auto-healing system featuring semi-permanent damage restored at save points. In addition to this, extensive story mode and multiple levels of difficulty make for an experience that is easy to play, but hard to master – accessible to novices and the most fanatic of gamers alike.

“Ninja Cinema” adds a further dimension to the experience, as gamers are able to record Ryu’s death defying exploits and share their greatest achievements as movie clips with their friends within the Xbox LIVE® online community. Favourite clips can even be coupled with a black-and-white video filter, allowing players to relive their adventures as if part of the Japanese art form of samurai film.

Additionally players can experience the Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden II Online Mini-Game, exclusive to, which allows you to go head to head with countless Ninjas – your friends to be precise – and mirrors the visceral thrill of Ninja Gaiden II on your desktop. Challenge friends to beat your Ninja speed and dexterity and then revel in your glory with a dynamic screensaver which tracks your victories. Take time off from battle by creating custom video wallpapers where you can perfect your own ninja habitat. Enjoy the experience and find more information at

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