Nintendo Makes Love To NPD Sales

There is no denying that Nintendo managed to sell a lot of consoles last month. How many? Try on over a million for size, and they aren’t the only ones flaunting with please. Wii Play continues to profoundly effect Wii remote numbers and manage big bucks. Many companies saw a lot of DS and Wii sales, and we can imagine this is a huge plus for Nintendo.

Overall—everyone was busy at their own shopping centres picking up games which totaled to 3.5-3.6 million Nintendo DS games and nearly 3 million Wii games last month. Along with it were a rounded figure sales of 2 million accessories for the Wii, with ~1 1/4 million for the DS. What if the irony of the NPD sales reflect that Nintendo accessories outsell console sales? It wouldn’t exactly matter either way, would it?

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