Nintendo World Store To Make Ninty Fanboys $#@! Their Pants

Is Gamestop not geeky enough for your tastes? Nintendo has got your back. In its attempt to become the gaming equivalent of Apple, Nintendo World Store has been opened, giving gamers a reason to go outside. This sounds like the perfect place to show off your mad Pokemon skillz and gain fame among lesser newbs. Also on display are some relics from Nintendo’s past like the regular phat gameboy and NES systems. (Hey, I remember those). The only problem in the store is that it’s in New York, meaning country bumpkins, like me, aren’t going to get in on the Nintendo action. C’mon, where’s the love? If Nintendo built one of those things next to my place, I know I’d go outside more often.

Game On! Nintendo World Store is Made for Gaming Geeks of Any Age [NYPress]

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