Noctua NH-U12P: Glazer

The Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler is from Austria by a team of engineers that have won many international awards for form and function. It is cool, it is quiet, and it works.

The little owl, Athene Noctua, is the symbol of the Greek goddess Athene, who represents wisdom, science and strategy. Is this card similar to its name? Let’s see.


  • Socket compatibility: Intel Socket LGA 775, AMD AM2 & AM2+, Intel Xeon on request
  • Height (without fan): 158 mm
  • Width (without fan) : 126 mm
  • Depth (without fan) : 71 mm
  • Height (with fan): 158 mm
  • Width (with fan): 126 mm
  • Depth (with fan): 95 mm
  • Weight (without fan): 600 g
  • Weight (with fan): 770 g
  • Material: Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins), soldered joints, nickel plated
  • Application: Intel all frequencies, AMD all frequencies
  • Fan compatibility: 120x120x25mm / 120x120x38mm (2 fans can be installed)


  • NF-P12 premium fan
  • Mounting-clips for 2 fans
  • Ultra-Low-Noise-Adaptor (U.L.N.A.)
  • NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound
  • SecuFirm™ mounting kits for LGA & AM2(+)
  • Warranty 6 Years

Fan specifications:

  • Model: Noctua NF-P12
  • Bearing: SSO-Bearing
  • Blade geometry: Nine Blade Design
  • Rotational Speed (+/- 10%): 1300 RPM
  • Rotational Speed with U.L.N.A. (+/- 10%): 900 RPM
  • Airflow: 92.3 m³/h
  • Airflow with U.L.N.A.: 63.4 m³/h
  • Acoustical Noise: 19.8 dB(A)
  • Acoustical Noise with U.L.N.A.: 12.6 dB(A)
  • Input Power: 1.08 W
  • Voltage Range: 12 V


To test out the Noctua NH-U12P, an Intel Core 2 Duo test platform which was then run at default and overclocked settings. To obtain 100% load, the room temperature was kept a constant was skyrocketed to 90 degrees. Joke…we just put a shit load of load on the thing. All of the coolers were tested with Arctic Silver as the thermal interface material.

The rest of the test system is as fallows:

  • Motherboard: Intel 975XBX2
  • CPU: Intel E6300
  • Ram: Kingston Hyper-X DDR2 KHX9600D2/1G
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital 250gb
  • SATA Case: Antec P190
  • Power Supply: Antec NeoLink 1200w

Profile 1: The Normal User (No Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 7x
  • CPU voltage: 1.2000V
  • FSB Voltage: 1.20V
  • FSB: 800MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 2.20V
  • Final CPU Frequency: 1.86GHz

Profile 2: The Average Enthusiast (Mild Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 7x
  • CPU voltage: 1.4000V
  • FSB Voltage: 1.30V
  • FSB: 1600MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 2.20V
  • Final CPU Frequency: 2.80GHz

As one would expect from a $70 high-end air cooler, the NH-U12P overtook stock Intel cooler. At the stock clock speed of the E6300, the NH-U12P beat the stock cooler’s idle temp by a good 3 degrees under load. The thing works as stated. NH-U12P is on par with the NV-120 but running at 900 RPM and 12.6dBA, that is quiet for an active air cooler, something we can be thankful for.

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