Nokia N95 Review: Classy

The Nokia N95 is quite possibly thee most robust and well-deserved phone we have ever come across in our reviews of cell phones. The N95 contains an integrated GPS receiver which is located below the 0 key on the keypad and comes with Nokia Maps, a free software that is designed for over the air data packet network use. The voice quality in the N95 is simply superb, and the web features and QWERTY are spaced just right enough to consider this a high quality phone.


The N95 is not an iPod but it is a great music player. It supports MP3, WMA, RealAudio, SP-MIDI, AAC+, eAAC+, MIDI, AMR and M4A. Its two-way slider, when slid towards the keypad, allows access to its media playback buttons. A standard 3.5 mm jack is located on the left side of the phone and allows the user to connect any standard headphones to the unit; a user can also use Bluetooth for audio output using A2DP. The device features built-in stereo speakers. The N95 is also capable of playing videos through the included RealPlayer application. Videos can also be played through the TV-out feature. TV-out is a special graphics chip and companion utility that allows users to connect the smartphone using the supplied composite cable to any TV or audiovisual device, a great addition to mobile telecommunications and audio/visual data.


The overall design is simple. It feels very comfortable and solid in the hand, and it cradles the head well. Nothing more to say on that.

The N95 has a 5 MP camera that just works wonders. With a great design, 3G support on the UMTS and HSDPA and many more: this phone is a must buy.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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