Numen-ature Preview and Screens

Numen Preview

Numen, developed by Akella, is a divenly creation for the Elucidians of Greek Mythology. The primary denouement of the game comes in the shape of a contest waged by immortals that ranges centuries of feud. Resting on Mount Olympus, the gods have each decided to take a novice in the field under their aegis and guide them tto a trinkling and bright glory. With the strongest of these heroes will come the strongest immortal who will then be crowned the most powerful above all. reigning with a firm hand over a supreme land.

The thing that makes Numen so different from most 3rd person RPG’s on a PC is that it is satiable to the story lovers out there. The stories are incredibly in-depth, and though the gameplay is familiar, the developers manage to make a great blend for the world the game takes place it. See the screens below for some goodies.

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