Oh, This Is Nice For The Size: Snapshot Like Crazy Review

Small and Powerful

We got our hands on the digital camera “LUMIX” “DMC-FX500” which Panasonic decided to announce after all, making the adoption of a touch panel liquid crystal screen the first in the series. The feature of the touch panel liquid crystal was utilized, various operations “of touching with the finger”, are introduced with animated pictures to boot.

Even though the operation buttons are made specifically for the purpose of the animated pictures feature, it’s not as meaningful to where operation utilizes touch panel completely. As for the operation basically, being in common to the existing model with the button, as for operation of the function, “only this product” has anything to do with the touch panel.

Smooth As Ice Crystals

Despite the fancy buttons to adjust for brightness, Quality mode, etc, this cool little device can utilize touch panel in the photographing/playback each aspect, since the utilization frequency is highest with this feature, it probably is there to appoint the AF/AE point when photographing with the fingertip, so people don’t have to pretend like it’s a video game and hold nearly two buttons. Entrusts can appoint the AF” and “to squeeze, priority AE” “shutter priority AE” and so on, choosing each of them in relation to various photographing modes for AF/AE points that can be used except in the animation click mode, etc.

The best part of the camera is probably the intelligent mode. Where the AF/AE is adjusted automatically to positions of an object, or can be changed to reflect on a background whilst taking a picture. In addition, the AF/AE adjusts speedily and it’s pretty great. No one has to stand there staring at a black abyss.

Worth The See

A primary feature of the animated picture (touch and click) camera is a mode which pursues the subject on lock. When the subject is appointed with the finger, the shutter button the half is pushed, it is locked, when it is locked subject moving, it pursues the AF/AE point. If this time you used, with, it follows it skillfully, for example a petal which shakes in the wind both focus/exposure could take the optimum photograph, but because focus and exposure decide in lock (shutter half to push) state, then a subject which moves too fast might not have the right focus.

The function has the cybershot T series, “touching the liquid crystal with the fingertip, so that it appoints the AF/AE point”, but this product combines that with photographing mode, and it can set 3 items “of exposure, and shutter speed” with the slide bar which is in the touch panel. Pretty efficient and almost reminds us of an iPhone overlay, but for a camera.

After taking pictures, you can store them and play them back and touch around until your fingertip hurts.

Overall, this camera is great for the extreme 10 Megapixel capability it has, being the first to do so in such a small size. It is very lightweight, extremely efficient, and great in terms of the lighting and exposure. The only problem is, that it isn’t as effective as any larger counterweights you might see in cameras such as a Rebel XT or Canon EOS D feature series, which allow add on lens’ and what not. If it were though, this would be a dream come true. But hey, it still does what it does great and manages to make a revolutionary effort as such.

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