Open Grave Review: Let Us Out Of Here


Open Grave starts off with a man waking up in the wilderness, surrounded by dead bodies and being fearful of everything around him. The viewer is left more confused as to how this can happen along with the man himself who appears to be missing his memories. Gonzalo López-Gallego directs the screenplay written by Eddie and Chris Borey which sees us on a journey of a small compound where the people do not seem normal at all. The thrill is apparent in its opening, but the storyline takes a turn for the worst.

John (Sharlto Copley) ends up coming out of the pit and encounters some other people, all of who suffer memory loss as well. This insane amount of suspicion ends up colluding to violence in a matter of vicious proportions as a small group tries to figure out who is a real threat or a captor of sorts. Madness lends its way to a more convoluted plot, where the jumps between different types of scenes and flashbacks fail to serve any memorable recognition for a constructive viewing.

The storyline loses sight of a lot of character development, whereas the performance by the cast is decent for the most part with the exception of Josie Ho who ends up being the outcast of this group of people. The overacting combined with the lack of a good script makes viewers feel like they are in an open grave themselves, and they cannot wait to start climbing out of the movie theater that is the coffin.

Rating: 1/5 stars

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