P190 Bites The Cake

Antec has given us the P190 to fill our hunger for power. It’s big, sleek,and built well enough to be around for years. Let’s look at the specs and features of the new P190.

  • Dual chambers structure. The power supplies reside in a separate chamber to isolate heat from the system and lower system noise
  • Dual-layer sound-deadening panels for Quiet Computing
  • Flexible snake light (installed), lights your way while working inside the case
  • Cable organizer behind motherboard tray minimizes cable clutter
  • Fits up to ExtendedATX (12″ x 13″) motherboards to fit your dual processor board, or any other board you could possibly have
  • Rubber grommeted ports on the rear for liquid-cooling tubes allow you to easily mount external liquid-cooling hardware
  • Neo-Link 1200 Watt dual power supply system:
    • One 650 Watt Neo Power is responsible for powering the motherboard and add-in cards, while another 550 Watt, handles your drives and other peripherals
  • Advanced cooling system – Even larger fans than previous designs, move more air and turn slower for even quieter operation
    • 2 top 140mm TriCool fan (standard)
    • 1 rear 120mm TriCool Fan (standard)
    • 1 lower chamber 120mm TriCool Fan (standard)
    • 1 side 200mm Big Boy fan with air filter (standard)
  • External fan control on the rear panel (for the 2 top fans and 1 rear fan in the upper chamber)
  • Front-mounted ports provide convenient connections
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire®, i.Link®)
    • Audio In/Out (AC’97 & HDA)
  • Dimensions: (H x D x W)
    • 20.28 x 23.35x 8.07 (in)
    • 51.5 x 59.3 x 20.5 (cm)
  • Net weight: 43.2lbs / 19.6kg
  • Gross weight: 51.1lbs / 23.2kg

Now out of the box, people will first lay their eyes on the P190 and can not help but think the thing is humongous. The P190 is 6 to 7 inches longer then most standard mid towers, is also out weighs its predecessor the P180 by 20 pounds. Now you’re asking yourself ‘why is it so heavy?’ Well, it’s due to the all steel construction, Neo Link dual power supply setup, and the sound damping material on the case doors. The doors to this case weigh more then my current mATX Centurion 541.

The front door is held closed by two small magnets top and bottom; they also hold the door open. I was pleased to see that the door would swing 270 degrees. So, the likelihood of the door being snapped off is few to none. With the door open you can see all the drive bays and the front vent access doors. The front vent doors are nice because they allow access to the vent screens with out having to remove the whole front cover. In this image we can also see the power button, reset button, front USB, E1394, and audio ports. Would have liked to seen these a little higher up on the case, if not on the top for ease of access; because with the size and weight of the P190, people can’t see this setting on the top of many desks. To each side of the front door of the P190 is vented top to bottom. This will allow air to flow into the case with the front closed and locked. The case comes with 4 side/top fans; one 200mm in the door, two 140mm in the top, and a 120mm in the back and there is also a mount to add another 120mm fan to the front of the case. At the top of the case is the fan controller that controls the top and rear fans. Each has a high/med/low setting. At the low setting the 120mm fan is moving 39cfm @ 25dBA, on high its moving 79cfm @ 30dBA. The two 140mm fans on top are moving 47cfm @ 19.8dBA on low, and 94.6cfm @ 31.8dBA.

The Antec P190 is a great case fthat won’t be hauled around much. Weighing in at nearly 60 pounds it makes you think twice about moving far distances. Heavy-duty caster wheels could be a nice addition to help with moving it around. Aside from the weight the case is great. The case has plenty of fans to keep those critical hardware parts cool, but at the same time keep the noise level of the system low. The case also is designed with water cooling in mind, so if you get urge to jump to water cooling it is possible with the Antec P190.

Installing parts into the P190 was very easy and pleasant, and the experience was straight forward and rewarding.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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  1. This cake, I mean case (ha) is amazing. My cousin has this and got it after you recc. It’s amazing, and like the best part is—my LOUD fan…is virtually imperceptible in this case. I think that’s a huge +

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