Pachter: Wii Fit to sell 3-4 Mil, Nintendo Spending $40 Mil On Marketing

The Pach man is at it again with his crazy predictions. This one’s not nearly a big a doozy as “GTA4 will push more PS3 systems” but still, cover those keyboards.

Wii Fit will sell 3 million to 4 million in the US if they market aggressively

Also, he expects Nintendo to spend $40 Million (About 3 Euros, I’m guessing) marketing the game. It’s been a while since I’ve taken math classes but that seems an awfully high amount of cash on marketing, especially if its just going to sell 3-4 mil. I recommend Nintendo take a play from Rockstar’s book and have controversy do your marketing for you. Here’s a suggest, violence involving Wii Fit. I wanna see soccer moms fighting over Wii Fit in Walmart. Shortage supplies and stuff. It’ll be like Mad Max and the media can’t get enough of that stuff.


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