Parents, Keepin Up On The V.Games Is Easy

Parents, if our article on giving you tips on how to deal with kids and video games was a bit too ‘British’ for you, then fret not. Capecod Today, has your back covered. Peter Cohen has a blog that should be a bit more American for your tastes, and it even delves into the subject of Japanese Anime and Manga. (You know Japanese, right? They make that Playstation and wii that you own. Still doesn’t ring a bell? You schooled them in WWII. Ah ha, now you remember.) Best part is that this dude looks to be around your age, so I’m guessing you’ll have a lot in common. Don’t worry, he promises that this ‘keeping up on video games’ stuff is easy.

Rules of engagement for parents for video games, manga [CapeCod Today]

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