PC Piracy, It’s Deadly For Companies

I’m not going to beat around the bush, PC Piracy is terrible. The guys are Crytek and Epic have been hit hard by all the rampant piracy. How hard?

Unreal Tournament 3 servers received over 40 million attempts at illegitimate access using pirate keys. That number is huge, and the real magnitude comes when you calculate the retail price of $49.99 (59.99 for Collector’s Edition). If those 40 million players actually paid the full price, it would have been nearly $2 billion more in Epic’s pocket book.

And that’s just for UT3. It’s pretty expensive stuff, although the 40 million figure must be a bit high. I’m betting that most of those attempted to use more than one key, after being unsuccessful. I wonder how much Crysis and UT3 would sell if Piracy wasn’t an issue?

Crytek, Epic lost billions of dollars because of piracy [TG Daily]

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