PEGI Rating System To Be Replaced By U.K. Cinema-Style Rating

Believe it or not, she is a gamer.

It seems as though the ‘Blame Gamers First’(BGF) crowd will not rest until we are blamed for every major catastrophe in the world. The latest adult spawn camper is psychologist and parenting expert Tanya Byron, who is urging the British Prime minister to make out with her impose the cinema-style rating on the gaming industry.

Britain currently uses the PEGI rating system, which is similar to the ESRB but bypasses the letter system and instead uses numbers to indicate which age group should purchase games. Lets take a closer look at the PEGI rating system shall we?

Ok, the numbers on the bottom are self-explanatory. The images on the top, not so much.

The first picture means the game has swearing in it. (We are looking at you Q-bert!) The next one means…..that there are black people in the game? Maybe it is a European thing. The next image is for drug use, though it could also be a reminder to get your flu shot. The pic after that means the game contains radioactive spider(s). The next picture is gambling of course. The second to last is warning parents that the game contains a man whose @$$ is stuck in a woman’s head. And the last pic claims that the game will give you the power of Zeus.

Why should such a simple system be disposed? Apparently gamers tricked their parents into believe that the numbers refered to skill level and not age. (Makes you consider the intelligence level of an adult who can be tricked by a mere child) Dr Byron spent 6 months in an “investigation into the potentially harmful effects of video games and the internet” which I assume means she played Halo and GTA for 6 months while talking about it on Gametrailers. How do we protect the children from dangerous videogames and internet pedophiles? Byron recommends that “both parents and children should receive lessons in internet safety, including the use of security software, and advice on limiting the amount of personal information released” which is way harder than telling parents how retarded they are. If only parents weren’t stupid, then our precious tax dollars wouldn’t go to waste.


  1. “The next image is for drug use, though it could also be a reminder to get your flu shot. ”


  2. 4+ theres black people in the game. lol

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