Playing DDR Slows Weight Gain, Duh!

Turns out there are are games out there that are good for people. Eat that BGF!! (although not literally since you might get fat and then probably blame it on games again) The purpose of the study was to find out if playing games, namely DDR, helped with weigh-loss, or at least slowing down weight gain. According to the study, Kids who ate fatty foods and played DDR gained less weight than those who ate the same foods but didn’t play DDR.

Considering the fact that DDR was made to be a game and not a weight-loss tool, I’m more interested in seeing how games like WiiFit stack up in terms of weight-loss and improving the health life of gamers. What if Nintendo has the next big gaming peripheral since the guitar. Start buying those Ninty stocks boys and girls, I’m seeing big bucks from this ‘weight-loss’ fad.

Video Game Slows Weight Gain

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