PlayStation 3 Involved In Shooting

What’s quite possibly the saddest things we hear aside from people getting robbed for their PS3’s? Shootings over PS3’s. Apparently, two former “friends” got into a Western style shootout over the PS3, which led to a hit and run involving a school crossing guard yesterday. The incident itself is not known, aside from it was probably a very stupid one. Poor PS3. If anything, it is the victim in this whole thing. One of the frikken dumbasses left Steve Cove’s home where he and another man shot each other and ran over a guard nearby (no kids luckily). To top it all off? The driver was shot in the leg and arm and the other dude was bonked in the torso. Police say both men were in stable condition and are now in custody. Here’s a note to all our readers: you do not have to wear a bulletproof vest with anything PS3 related.

[Memphis Eyewitness News]

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