PlayStation 3 Has “Better Potential”

According to a dev over at Volition games, the PS3 has better potential for power and graphics than the Xbox 360. Jeff Carroll, associate producer in charge of multiplayer and PS3 on the upcoming third-person action game Red Faction: Guerrilla, said that developers are prone to struggle with the PS3 at first, but will sooner or later get the hang of it and realize the mass potential.

We were like that at the beginning. But I think mainly because we had to get our destruction system running on the SPUs, we had to get it running well in order to succeed, we felt a tremendous pressure right at the beginning to learn as much as we could about the PS3. And our programmers have done a wonderful job. We have been getting the physics system, the Havok system and our own proprietary destruction system running on the SPUs, as well as our animations. We are seeing quite a decent speed improvement now that we have effectively got that running on the SPUs instead of the CPUs.

Apparently, console programming has a learning curve too, even for experts. Who would have thought? Whether or not there are any limitless possibilities in comparison to competitors is still to be seen. Just keep on trucking people, and asking “what if?”


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