PlayStation Move Launch Titles Review: The Mixed Convention

The imaginarium of the PlayStation Move begins at the launch titles, some of which will be covered in detail here. The collection comes bundled with the following titles: Sports Champions, KungFu Riders, and Racquet Sports (Ubisoft) for a nice variety of titles that entertain any sort of play style to a certain extent. While the launch titles are decent, most of the PlayStation Move technology has yet to be fully implemented in terms of the titles and the controller interface’s interactivity.

Racquet Sports is a medley of all the types of racquet games that anyone would imagine of this title. Ping-pong, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, and Beach Tennis are all the combined offerings for the title that provide a wide variety of the types of games to play. The gameplay design is based on simple match sets per game and the scoring can take two forms, custom or standard rules set. Throughout the types of gameplay, the various environments add an incredible visual appeal to the title which helps to process all the colors of the scenery and gameplay. The control layout for the most part feels tight and responsive, but they do not fully take advantage of the PlayStation Move controller abilities such as positional and 3D space recognition with graphics. While the gameplay is decent for some of the titles, the running aspect seems fixed and the game overall feels like a hand-me-down of the Nintendo Wii’s equally developed but better fit title of the same name.

Kung Fu Rider is another title for the PlayStation Move by SCE Japan Studios. The Yakuza are after you and the players have to escape the Yakuza down streets and alleyways while riding on objects with wheels (anything but a car). While the concept seems original, the controls are problematic and the layout is terrible. Jumping up and thrusting are complicated and awkward while the mission structure is sadly missing. Kung Fu Rider would have been a decent PlayStation Network title for $5.00, but the $39.99 is hardly a justification of all the benefits it fails to outweigh.

Sports Champions is undoubtedly one of the best titles that anyone should get for the launch of the PlayStation Move as part of the hardware’s spotlight offering and that comes bundled with the PlayStation Move Pack. Disc golf, sword fights, bocce, volleyball, archery, and table tennis are all offerings that are exceptional for a title of this build.  The artificial intelligence is lively and believable, while the Gladiator Arena is just as exciting and entertaining as a dual Move controller prospective for sword fighting as realistic as they can get.

The PlayStation Move titles are on a whole level just the start to a hardware that still needs a lot more focus and attention from developers, not to mention its own line of exclusive hardware that is yet to be released. For the meantime, the technology still remains just that: technology at its best that is sadly still left waiting for something more than one title to take its potential to some level that is more than welcome and profound.

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