PlayStation Move Review: Motion Beyond

PlayStation Move heralds a new beginning for the PlayStation 3 era, presenting an extension into the motion-based experience and adventure that the Nintendo Wii first introduced to gamers worldwide. The PlayStation Move intends to introduce their own set of motion-based tools into a more hardcore gamer following where graphics, accuracy, and hardcore combine. By allowing their former follower base to extend into using motion in an already exclusive lineup of titles for 2011, Sony remains dedicated to the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Move platform to make an influence into those demanding more off the couch action. The PlayStation Move presents a completely unique new interface and interaction in a world where motion-gaming based schematics are becoming further realized into the mind of everyday gamers.

The PlayStation Move’s primary controllers come in a sleek and comfortable design that seems terrifically matched for the type of gaming.  The primary cornerstone of the PlayStation Move is the motion controller, a sleek black-coated design and concave constructed controller with a spherical shell adorned on the top. The controller’s shape and design are simplistic, but feel natural in the palms of the hands while remaining lucid to a natural grip without slipping. The navigation controller is the pillar for more complex PlayStation Move titles that require a component of running around, such as NBA 2K 11 and more. The PlayStation Move controllers provide a silent and yet powerful feel and skill to wielding an axe for a duel to even shooting some crossbows at a target, something that can seem chaotic to a novice.

Design and the proponent force into introducing something as bold as motion-based controls are one aspect of something far great, and technical prowess takes that aspect to another level. The PlayStation Move has been tested repeatedly in terms of the offers of technological aspects, and has passed on each case. The PlayStation Move motion controllers deliver through their motion sensors, the dynamic color-changing sphere, vibration support, and the button interface. The motion of the PlayStation Move differs vastly to its competitor at this point in time: the Nintendo Wii. The movements are more realistic and responsive due to the gyroscope axis system. Sensitivity within the PlayStation Move scheme further is further more responsive due to all the systems working in coherence. With the 3D space being realized, the accelerometer and terrestrial magnetic field sensor allows for out of the box rotational, and positional tracking in addition to gesture detection that the Wii Motion Plus add-on only provides (excluding positional). PlayStation Move is incredible in terms of the motion, but the only problem comes in the dependency to the PlayStation Eye as the camera tracking system. The device relies on the PlayStation Eye to determine the movements, which is a bit disappointing as players expect a more sleek design than a big bulky camera to be used for the motion tracking. The PlayStation Move sponsors an incredible amount of accuracy and precision that is undeniably one of the best in the industry.

The software library that the PlayStation Move supports at the moment includes a list of former titles, and future titles that are exclusive to the PlayStation Move brand of gameplay from notable developers like Insomniac Games, Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and many more that will ensure the success of this platform. The launch titles are currently a mixed bunch, but some are definitely impressive. Currently, the interface and how well the actual PlayStation Move controllers are utilized are up to each and every developer. Sony Computer Entertainment, one of the largest game developer conglomerates under the historic entertainment-based corporation Sony, will solidify PlayStation Move in the ranks of hardcore gaming if it continues to put out not just normal titles with Move support, but finally exclusive offerings from developers worldwide that will ensure its success in the marketplace.

The PlayStation Move is an exciting and thrilling new advance for the PlayStation 3 that was long needed and seems to be extremely promising with exclusive titles by notable developers, and motion based interaction that is wildly fluid and well done in all of 3D space. The launch titles currently are on a mixed scale in terms of the interaction, but when you have new hardware to work with as a developer in terms of a prototype model, these things are expected and quite obvious. While the PlayStation Eye presents a bit of a problem, the actual hardware is prominent. The PlayStation Move stands on its own merit. The PlayStation Move represents the constant delivery of Sony to provide the core essence which they stated for the PlayStation 3 in its regalia: Play Beyond.

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