Let It Be Known: Police Officers Don’t Hate GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is coming out to consoles soon. To online retailers even sooner. To celebrate? I thought it would be beneficial to all of us, before we go around running over people in each of our GTA IV virtual worlds, to discuss the reception of such a title. The GTA series is known for one thing among mainstreamers. Violence. Ah yes, you can run around and kill anything you want in many different ways, ride tons of vehicles, the sky is the limit. Of course, to use game journalists and gamers in general, it is the progress of the optimizations of our technology through the world of gaming consoles. But, that shit does not speak volumes. No, the awful stories we all hear and the misfits that run lose in our community blaming their ‘expertise’ in murder on a video game or virtually even a one toothed Llma are what gain the most prospective value.

It is at this point that we know the following responses in terms of the GTA series:

  1. All crimes are blamed on the GTA series from 1-4 years starting from each titles beginning.
  2. The Corporate Media fill the cup of shit to the utter brim just to hash out a story.
  3. Mainstreams are negligent in that which makes themselves seem any more capable of actions than a man claimed “dangerous” with a Fruit Roll-Ups that has one bad day, even if they’re the most hideous.
  4. Consensus among these who should be typified as such Neanderthals that not buying a game would suddenly prevent anyone from actually caring about a game or caring about the effect of a game itself. Especially when that care is ill diagnosed. In other words, Jeremy’s Mom next door is a spanking dumbass.

Now that the necessaries are over, let’s step into the heart of this article. Cops. As I recall, bad boys do not know what they’re going to do. And in fact, they might not even know what they would do when the cops come for them. Oh…right. RUN! Run like Niko and all the other previous GTA characters you fucking sharks. Turn right. Turn RIGHT. Sure, bad boys eventually figure out what to do when they are about to be hauled to jail. As the mainstream would make you believe…thanks to Grand Theft Auto! But what about our dear friends. The cops? The team which always gets the short end of the stick, even in GTA. What about them? Do they think anything of the launch of GTA IV, or GTA IV in general? I headed over to a couple of different departments and called up my police buddies for a luncheon.

We had to settle for Indian food, leaving the discussion way tastier.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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  1. Awesome interview. After interviewing R*, who better to than LAPD themselves.

    Brilliant! :)


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