Prey Review: Horror Decently Done

Why Bethesda couldn’t pull this off with The Evil Within – I’ll never know. The scares here are very decent. But more importantly – the storyline is well thought out in Prey’s remake despite a linearity to it. It’s nothing like the older titles – and the reboot really has something interesting and unique going for it. It makes me happy to see a game done right, despite several hiccups here or there.

Storyline makes Prey the game to have – in all honesty. So I can’t really cover that here. But what I can say is – it’s simply a great one that has to be played at least once.

Gameplay is simple. Pick up weapons, fight evil things. Nothing is ingenious about it in particular – but there is a visceral level of approaching combat similar to BioShock. Yeah, you all know I had to go there. It does very much feel like BioShock In Space. Is it entirely original? I can’t say it is. Prey does seem to have been influenced by BioShock in terms of its environment – but nothing really peaks out at me with graphics. BioShock was ALL about the water technology back in the day. Prey? Not much of anything really in terms of visual propulsion.

Space walks are enticing when you have to go out there – and there’s a sense of loneliness that is imbued nicely similar to Dead Space. I loved Dead Space 1/2 personally, so this fit right in with that. Monsters you face are varied for the most part but I do have to say the black critters are rather annoying. As Morgan Yu, you can get special “powers” that you can utilize and various interesting weapons which makes it seem like BioShock’s augments.

In any case – the game is spectacular despite it’s occasional linearity in terms of storyline. It feels a bit too point A to point B sometimes with the mission structure – and even BioShock had a bit of that. But more importantly, BioShock had choice that could impact endings. Prey has something similar but it feels a bit disconnected similar to Dishonored 1.

If you’re looking for Sci-Fi horror – Prey will fit that niche. Even if it isn’t entirely amazing at doing so.



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