Prince of Persia 4 Hands On: “Prince of Persia 4 Aims To Be Better”

French Correspondent for WhatIfGaming Jeanne Marie is standing by live in Paris at his hotel from the UBIDAYS 08 event, and has provided us some juicy details for the new Prince of Persia 4 after his own lucky hands on with the game.

Here’s what he has to say as a fan of the prince himself:

Throughout the times I’ve played Sands of Time over and over again, and it is been incredible in terms of being that game to really break the barriers of action and allow for a perspective of time that abnegates from something more than just normal. With Prince of Persia 4, there is definitely some increased themes between the righteousness of man and the power of a corrupt force that we saw back in Warrior Within.

Taken aback by a new art direction, Ubisoft’s latest addition into the middle eastern landscapes describes the virilities of the scope of the context with the upbringing of something more reminiscent of nothing short from giving. The gameplay was barely covered in the demo played, but enough so to see that the core aspects have landed back into an evolutionary measure for the latest journey of a younger, more vibrant prince with more integral properties, such as his cohort Elika. The Prince gets lost in a sandstorm and ends up in an oasis gone wrong in which Ahriman, the game’s villain, breaks free from prison and begins infecting the outside world with corruption and chaos. In the oasis, however, is where the Prince meets Elika, one of the last remaining Ahuras who is the guardians of Ahriman’s prison and hence takes it as her duty to make amends.

She’s pretty smart for the most part, and definitely kicks up the action unlike previous AI that Ubisoft is known for not so brilliant AI. She can guard him usually, and you can order her around with the Elika button, which is a great + but can get annoying time to time when it is forced that you have to use her to get past some things. Almost seems like the aspect is forced on the environment rather than the other way around.

The game is quoted by the producer Ben Mates to aim in becoming “better than the rest.” With our short hands on, we weren’t exactly convinced, as there are still many things that will be changed and some that need vital touch ups. As far as the sun rises, we will take a look as the days go on.

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  1. “With our short hands on, we weren’t exactly convinced” BURNT

  2. Prince of Persia 4 really turns me off, and I’ve been a fan for a while. Can’t wait to see more previews from you guys.

  3. Idk game looks pretty good just not convinced yet

  4. nice to see more people commenting anyways cant wait for this game

  5. only thing that bothers me about this game is the main character looks 2 nice lol

  6. nice to hear they Ai is getting better

  7. Next gen:p art direction

  8. I really like the prince of Persia games Hope this one Comes out nice

  9. Prince of Persia is one of my favorite games here along with Splinter Cell.

    I hate to see it might turn out like this, even if they are aiming for better.

  10. Damnit. The new game sucks—I knew it.

  11. Yep. This is the awful news I was expecting. I already hate the art direction tbh, like ceebz who I know is joking too…Lol!

    Probably won’t be buying this game—definite rental at MOST.

  12. Prince of Perugleh.

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