Prototype Review: Unatural Selection

Prototype Review

Any game that allows the player to rip humans in half and cut them limb from limb is instantly deemed fun and Prototype is no different. The comparisons to other games of a similar nature are hard to ignore but Prototype does enough to separate it from the pack to avoid the tag of copycat.

Prototype’s story is told through a series of interesting and original ways, as well as the usual character dialogue and flashbacks. You play as Alex Mercer, a character who has a past but has to use his incredible powers to unlock those distant memories and find out who he really is. After waking up in a morgue, Alex escapes the military and is on a personal vendetta to find whoever infected him and bring vengeance to that person. After playing the tutorial. Alex talks to some unknown character about the events that happened during the previous 18 days, and it is this time frame in which the players interact and the story of how the destroyed New York reveals itself.

The complete freedom Prototype allows is staggering. Assassin’s Creed invented the free roam parkour style with Infamous nearly perfecting the style with unlimited access to climb every building, but none of these titles can quite compete with the ease of holding a button to run up any building that takes your fancy. If that is not enough, the extremely powerful jump Alex can perform never makes traversing an open world city quite the same again. However, as in every open world game, it falls into the same problem with repetitive side missions commonplace. Side missions fall to the realm of the flawed that becomes disappointing as the main story missions are done well through variety and engaging adrenaline. Side missions are clearly there to lengthen the experience, and it would have been more appropriate to add extensive creativity and effort to something that would end up creating a major part of the game.

Prototype Review

A.I. is pretty great for the most part when it comes to believability. They yell, have emotion, and really make you feel as if you are interacting with a New York crowd. Like a New York crowd. Unfortunately, enemy A.I. could be better in most places especially within the “highly-trained” military. Luckily, the infected monsters at least retain their goal stratagem: attack and kill anything. The powers that are unlocked and upgraded throughout the game are where the most fun is streamlined. Whether it be 2 foot claws or giant fists or any other power you have equipped, you know you will have fun ripping apart anything that crosses your path. Even though these powers may seem a bit overpowering against standard human military when it comes to the greatly enhanced infected, it is this very aspect which balances the game perfectly.

Prototype is not perfect and has the same problems found in similar games. Regardless, it does a lot more than other games of the kind. Alex Mercer and his sexy voice alone are enough reasons to play this game, even though the storyline is predictable. Ripping people apart, and just being a completely stoic villain is a lot more to ask for than it is to ever get, something which Activision and Radical Studios graces us with. The positive elements it has are very well done overall. Ignoring the repetitive nature of the side missions and the sometimes shoddy A.I., Prototype is a very enjoyable game that you will spend hours playing, even past the point of no-return endings.

Hey, my name is Stuart Blair and I live in Paisley in Scotland.

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