PURE Review: Motorwhat?

Ever wanted to defy death? Minus the whole Final Destination scheme, PURE allows you to do just that. An utterly incredible racing experience, PURE is a concoction by Black Rock Studio, part of Disney Interactive that by far replicates a pure racing experience mixed with death defying vertigo’s. For a calm amusement across the clouds and extreme airborne feats that makes a racing title go past first person titles such as Motorstorm and tumultuous at the same time but in a good way.

The aim is to land impossible gravity-defying tricks as you’re soaring over landscapes towards victory in single-player. You can do massive stunts, death-defying tricks, and still manage to give other players a run for their money. The levels for the most part are simply gorgeous and make you really feel like there’s an off-road race going on. Not just following some invisible borders or race “ramps/crowd” that blocks you off. The path is pretty open, and we can’t help but comparing it to Motorstorm in the sheer scope which is way more than Motorstorm or Pacific Rift (from an E3 preview) even has aimed to do. The adrenaline is pumping and the environments are just everything they need to be.

With the power of racing and prurient jumps comes the picture of falling in style by customizing your ATV’s from the ground up. Disney Interactive really put everything they could into this and added so many parts and colors and different insignias that they all total over 70,000 combinations. So not only do you have a feeling of emotion but the balance is right too.

Online for PURE consists of 16 rivals in an adrenaline off-road racing style frenzy like single player AI. The maps are all from the game which includes a variety of real-world locations with more than 30 tracks. Locations include New Mexico, Wyoming, Italy, and many other hotspots across the world that makes the airborne tricks come alive in not close to photorealistic but better environments than most other racing games.

Pure gives players adrenaline and emotion with a lot of action through massive jumps across a wide set of locations. If you’re a sporty kind of guy, it’s worth the buy. If you don’t like races too much, try it. You might just change your mind.

If: I love death defying jumps

…adrenaline packed racing

…beautiful environments


If: I hate semi-closed tracks


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