Every once and a while a news piece comes along that makes you say WTF and I think PWNED.COM definitely falls into this category. Here’s PWNED in their own words

PWNED.COM is the first social networking site dedicated to video gamers only of all ages from around the world and was built for gamers by gamers with gamer profiles. Users earn money by viewing and interacting with user friends, videos, pics, rich media, game trailers, game reviews and previews, blogs, polls, clans, and tags in the form of Pwned Points, which can be redeemed for cash. video game consoles, iPods, video games, etc.

Finally, someone out there created a gaming website just for gamers. I’m sure this’ll be the biggest internet revolution since online gambling.

The fact that they consider themselves the first gaming social network makes it seem like they were stuck in a time vortex or something for ten years! If you’re trying to knock off its high horse, why not try doing something different? I think this comic summarizes the situation perfectly.

The problem with PWNED.COM is not that it is like, it IS The idea behind it is novel, but when someone on the net is already doing what you’re doing, is better and it and has been around longer than you, it is not to smart to play the cheap Chinese imitation role. What if PWNED hosted in-house game tourneys? Get some former game developers on board to create some PWNED-exclusive flash games that could be played by the members. See, is not that a great idea? (I want royalties for that idea, PWNED.)

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