Razer Lachesis Review: The Snake That Swims Glorious

Razer Lachesis brings a level of stunning elegance to the world of mice within the PC sector of users and hardcore enthusiasts worldwide.  While Razer does not define this series of mouse as “elite” according to their specification of gaming-focused products only, the mouse itself garners and attains every piece of the word that makes it up. With a 5600dpi 3.5G Lazer sensor, the Razer Lachesis brings fidelity with real elegance of LED structuring to create a design and concept of a mouse that is not only comfortable in its wired state, but also easily professional and sleek.

The Razer Lachesis is adorned with a brushed surface, followed with a hard-line border surface for a smooth and sharp finish that is easy to hold for even those of ambidextrous proficiency. The central palm surface of the Razer Lachesis contains the sleek Razer logo, clear on first look. The wheel itself has comfortable ridges, maintaining a standard which is comfortable to the movement of the fingers against the wheel motion. The structure of the Razer Lachesis is truly admirable to a concept venue due to the overall feel of its architecture and curve appeal.

The technical strengths of the Razer Lachesis are definitely one of those found in the best mice today, which this most certainly entails. The provided Razer Lachesis software comes in an extremely easy to understand format, not overcomplicating the enormous amount of features included with the mouse. Assign buttons, adjust performance, manage profiles, macros, lighting and maintenance all add to the customization factor of a utility that the populace takes for granted.  Performance focuses on polling rates, the rate at which the mouse frequently responds to the movement of per pixels on the monitor. The Razer Lachesis comes with a genius multi-color LED system, which is something we feel all mice should have. The lighting and performance tab allows for up to 16 million RGB color code combinations, to virtually allow for any color in any possible pixel of any picture that you have. If you are looking for #8378C8, just simply enter this code into the software, and watch as the mouse changes.  The only issue we have with the mouse is the idea that it would have been better to make a multi-color system where the LED’s cycle throughout the colors, thereby giving the necessary freedom to not just be limited to 1 color throughout. Synapse makes all of this possible with the inherent 60KB Razer onboard memory. This onboard memory leads way to the Hyperesponse buttons, giving way to features for virtually all the surface buttons of the mouse in a convenient way.

The Razer Lachesis offers so much for a price of $79.99MSRP, and it is truly a mouse worthy of  the crimson touch of the iconic snake imprinted on its name.

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