WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Resident Evil 5 Interview

As you all can tell from our preview, the Resident Evil 5 controls we played with at an invite-only Capcom session were as horrific as the zombies themselves. Why? You see, when deadly and rotting zombies are chasing you it should be a flight and fight mechanism to run the hell away. What does Chris Redfield do in our previews? He stands there holding his gun and shooting. No. Our chiseled man cannot run while shooting. He’s bad at multitasking. To find out more, we interviewed Capcom PR recently on the controls.

WhatIfGaming: A lot of people have been asking if the controls will suck just like Resident Evil 4. We know we know, we said suck. We mean to say they just aren’t practical at the moment. Will they change?

Jason Allen, Capcom PR: Haha, it is okay. But um, yeah. The controls seen here are definitely pending and will eventually change. This is in no way finalized. It will definitely be different and listen to what people are saying.

WhatIfGaming: Okay, great. But does that mean that Chris will be able to finally comprehend the meaning of multitasking and be able to run and shoot at all?

JA: The controls will definitely changed, and these are not finalized. As for the answer to that directly, I can’t confirm that at this time but will say most likely.

WhatIfGaming: Hopefully soon (laughs). As for PC gamers, will Resident Evil 5 be headed to PC?

JA: As for the PC, that is not in development and there are no plans for this.

There you have it. Bad Resident Evil 4 controls are no longer a plague to us all. Keep here for more E3 stuff to come.

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  1. PC possibility = no?

    Their loss

    IntelLover replied on July 17th, 2008 5:25 PM:


  2. As long as the controls change, it shall be bought!

  3. Cool thanks man. Love this site forever.

    Lajk192 replied on July 17th, 2008 5:28 PM:


  4. Thanks WhatIfGaming. Awesomeness

  5. No fking PC? Man bonks. At least I have PS3. So still good news.

    Lajk192 replied on July 17th, 2008 5:28 PM:

    Yeah. It might come, it might not. Who knows. It seems like it might though

  6. Big w/e to them from PC then. PS3 is my child

  7. THANK YOU CAPCOM. YOU FINALLY UNDERSTAND some common sense in changing that crap.

  8. RE 4 controls weren’t THAT bad. Come on guys haha

  9. That sucks. I really want it on PC, but will have to get this on PS3 now

  10. Lame for them. PC is a market and they should do it since Xbox 360 is so easy to port to PC with

  11. awesome news regardless

  12. You PC’s always have left 4 dead. Quit moaning

  13. Yeah I wasn’t hurt too much by the RE4 controls… but yet I understand why many would be angry with it since it’s very unnatural in a gaming sense to not be capable of moving while you fire (with a cost to precision I’m sure). If they keep their word on that I think it’ll make everyone happy so long as the enemies can still keep up.

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