Red Dead Redemption Review – Why An Outlaw Exists In Glory And Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the epitome of the product that results when you take a developer that strives to create a world teeming with life in all its simplicity and metamorphoses the Western World into something completely unforgettable and extraordinary. Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar Games’ latest open-world  action, suspense, humor, and adventure title all seamlessly integrated together to create one of the most necromantic experiences for gaming enthusiasts that love anything remotely related to the word “Western.” Providing a macrobiotic and meticulously thaumaturgic setting, Red Dead Redemption explodes with different personalities and characters with their own ambitions and dreams in the lawless West that is central to the intricately detailed storyline. Red Dead Redemption makes the beauty of the daily sunsets pale in comparison to the sheer vivacity of the incredible variety in gameplay that it offers. Red Dead Redemption is something that stays with you and inevitably makes you believe in the times of the ungovernable West, and that we actually live in 1911 America. People are not simply playing Cowboys and Robbers, but the world is revealing itself in its one true and only form: The Wild West. Through crossing multiple genres of art and style, Red Dead Redemption redefines the Western Open World Genre to an acclaimed facet of life in which anything is possible.

Red Dead Redemption tells a tale of vengeance, betrayal, companionship, and moreover changes in a way of life so long established by a select few: the life of an outlaw and revolution itself. Governmental authority is making a prominent stride forward and claiming certain liberties of the outlaws in a struggle for power. Nothing is perfect in this world because the world is not a video game. The transition in the American West was a violent one to modern authority, and the Civil War in Mexico at a constant upheaval for power. Players soon encounter the partially reformed outlaw protagonist John Marston, who is relentlessly seeking out members of his former gang for an unsettled cause that has been left lingering. The search leads him to Nuevo Paraiso, a steadfast city south of the border that is infamous for revolutions due to the disparity between rich and poor. Through the struggles encountered, John Marston knows this is no ordinary challenge for him and it is nothing he cannot handle. The start of the storyline in Red Dead Redemption is just an inception in the simplicity of the beginning stage. Players continue to experience an unforgettable cast, telekinetic sounds unmatched with the muscular movements of the proprietary engine, and rebellious gameplay that redefines what it means to be an outlaw than simply having shoot-offs in the middle of unsuspecting towns.

Red Dead Redemption has gameplay that contains an unparalleled variety that leads players to not wonder how many missions there are, but how many possibilities are out in the world of the lawless and forgotten. Red Dead Redemption focuses on a foundation of objective based missions and side-missions. Rockstar Games has added the signature touch similar to Grand Theft Auto IV of completely random encounters and different missions at random intervals. Red Dead Redemption takes the next generation Grand Theft Auto IV introduced and makes it something theatrical and one that will stay with all of us for years.  Missions do not follow the linear trend, and have meaning similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, where something genuine is discovered like Red Dead Redemption’s predecessors.  Red Dead Redemption is not a RPG-heavy game, but it is a game that provides a complete freedom of choice in what to do in the world that offers various venues of exploration and adventure. Every single choice, matters, whether it is to collect bounties or play some cards at a saloon. Various notable things to do include playing cards, having shoot-outs, collecting bounties on more villainous amateurs, and also hunting down some bison. Red Dead Redemption exudes possibilities unheralded in a Western title to date and pushes what it means to be an outlaw to a whole new level.

Gameplay mechanics for Red Dead Redemption vary, but the most noticeable aspect of Red Dead Redemption is the Dead-Eye System and the Honor & Fame System.  These two systems go hand in hand to create a stunning experience based on a player’s status at one time. As the gameplay missions progress, and players understand a feel for the type of person they want to be, the killings begin for a just or a respectively unjust cause. Enemies can be shot-down by a marking system known as the Dead-Eye system, a familiar aspect that marks enemies and then is followed by a highly stylistic shooting that is quick and painless. Rockstar Games realizes that the design is too simplistic if it is a simple mark-system, so further innovation procures three levels of Dead-Eye: slow motion, continuous and discontinuous markers. Continuous markers place the markers as players move the reticule on an enemy, whereas the discontinuous method allows for individual marking placement. If you kill bad people, your honor increases and your standing among the crowd sees an accomplished rise and sense of respect. If you are homicidal and violent, expect the town’s civilians to alert the authorities and to have a blazing hail of gunfire shot at your brown hat. The lawless West is a simply incredible place for outlaws and con men looking to try the Dead-Eye system and gain status in the Honor system, but unfortunately the world and the few innocents left are on the bitter edge of classical Social Darwinist survival in a violent transition that seems never-ending.

Red Dead Redemption comes with an exemplary level of Social Darwinism that is a sight to behold in the economy and communications of the West. The economy that players will use throughout most of the game revolves around various classes of citizens from rich to poor, and is the central basis for progressing weapon types. Missions come with the rewards in various forms, most noticeably money for the real-world economy. With the rewards gained, John Marston will be able to trade and barter for the vast array of weapons from muskets to sniper rifles, and an astounding amount of a variety of revolvers throughout the game. Further economy is fueled by the various types of missions mentioned, and everybody is struggling for survival in the frontier. Social Darwinism also relies on the investments, most noticeably a horse. Red Dead Redemption comes with many different breeds where some run faster, and others pack a greater power during horseback shootouts. In a land where the lawless are outlaws and the cowards are criminals, the endeavor of a struggling world and its people is all too realistic.

Red Dead Redemption presents a living, breathing, and detailed environment that can now ride a horse with you and shoot at you for a dynamic gameplay that advances above all its predecessors in a unique way. It stretches along the landscapes of mountains, deserts, valleys, and rivers. The environment is painstakingly detailed from the vast canyon-sides and all 3 of the major towns to every single character living within them. West Elizabeth is undergoing an Industrial Revolution and West Austin is in a struggle for ranchers fighting to survive alongside rustlers, outlaws, bandits, and con men. Outlaws themselves look immensely different, and every character has notable facial features and a unique dialect. Each outlaw has a specific step and mannerism in walking. The incredible aspect of Red Dead Redemption that makes it come alive is the result of a combination of Rockstar Games’ proprietary RAGE physics engine and Natural Motion’s Euphoria Technology. Both of these bring a dynamic motion synthesis to gameplay and the character motion behavior system is exemplary. Regardless of the sights and behaviors to witness, Red Dead Redemption delivers an understanding of the unruly West that players have to see to believe and moreover a mood that players need to live to see.

Besides the primary environment details is the incredible vastness of audio in which the game marks a significant role: the sounds of a time long forgotten but that still exists in this title.  The sheer dialogue between characters is something magical and unique, and ever-changing. Other cowboys and townsfolk speak with a native accent depending on the region and display emotions that have feeling, express relief with a sigh, anger with just the right bullet count, and exhaustion in shoot-outs. The town centers themselves are rustling with busy activity, people going about their normal lives: people going to the Sherrif’s Office, and others engaging in the lively economy. The music of Red Dead Redemption consists of Western tracks that bring the mood to the atmosphere. From all this, every inch of the city leaves the player in a sense and state of shock and awe at the accomplishment of Rockstar Games to create a world that feels as vast as the West itself.

Rockstar Games have made a lot of people undoubtedly happy by adding a multiplayer component to Red Dead Redemption than originally announced, and it is certainly far from disappointing. Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer, which lets you explore a single version of the game with friends within a lobby or start a party, is simple expression that is genius on its own. Giving players a simple venue of the lawless west and allowing new people into their world is revitalizing. Rockstar Games has created a title that takes the traditional aspects of multiplayer gaming and combined it with the spirit and freedom of a third-person shooter open-world game.  Along with the various modes, cooperative action comes bundled with the random events – minus the single player ones. Teamwork is undoubtedly passionate, and it barely feels like players are working to earn levels or unlockables than the feeling of just living the Western world, not in the hemispherical sense.

Red Dead Redemption allows us to believe in a world where authority cannot encroach with a revolution. The unique Western Open World Genre feels more vibrant and alive than anything ever experienced in a game and Red Dead Redemption redefines the Open World Genre while revolutionizing third-person gameplay in a free-roam environment with real people with real lives. Forget riding off into sunsets, and anything that asinine. None of that matters to an outlaw. Every single person in the world is helpless, and the struggle for survival is a constant reminder of why people become outlaws: Revolution and Redemption.

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