Red Dead Revolver Review

Red Dead Revolver Review

Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver, takes inspiration from classic Westerns such as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and The Wild. There’s some great atmosphere in this new shooter, and, for fans of the genre, it’s great to see a Western game with some care put into it. Unfortunately, much of the game lacks focus, and the experience suffers for it.

At the heart of the game it can easily be summed up as a revenge story. Basically, some bad characters kill Red’s parents when he was a kid, and now that he’s a badass adult –and works as a bounty hunter–he’d like very much to kill them in return. The beauty of a good revenge story is that you know it’s going to snowball into something bigger than a personal grudge, and sure enough, Red Dead Revolver ropes in several bands of outlaws, including a Native American tribe and the Mexican Army, to name a few. It’s a fine, fine outline scenario for a Western, and it’s incorporated into the actual gameplay experience reasonably well. The story is sometimes too eager to focus on secondary characters, which is hard to understand as it leaves you with no emotion attached to the main character as very little is known about him.

Red Dead Revolver is a straightforward third-person shooter. In most levels, you’ll enter a small-sized stage filled with outlaws, and you’ll have to waste the lot of them before it’s over, it gets slightly repetitive but it works nonetheless. Red starts off with a single six-shooter, but you’ll be carrying a small arsenal of revolvers and rifles, along with throwing knives and high explosives, before things are through. The basic shooter controls are responsive enough, though the game seems to lean on the auto-aim mechanic an awful lot. Furthermore, a more forgiving automatic camera should have been added instead of a manual one which does not provide much leaway when being blasted from all angles.

Red Dead Revolver tries to be everything at once and ends up being less than what it should have been. There are too many different playable characters and too many unique gameplay elements that just don’t end up working out. Though the story is great, we know little to nothing about the man that Red is…which is OK but not desirable. Red Dead Revolver is still an OK game, that made somewhat of an effort, but you might want to think twice before buying it.

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