Red Faction Devs Say PS3 Is Most Powerful

I don’t think even Nostradamus could’ve predicted that, once developers got a hold of the PS3’s somewhat complicated architecture, that they would claim is was more powerful. (At least, I didn’t predict that. Maybe you’re not a moron like me) The latest defector to the PS3 PWNS Horde is Jeff Carroll, associate producer for Red Faction: Guerrilla.

We’ve got the PS3 running at a similar frame rate to the 360. We’re finding some of the challenges of the PS3 beneficial. We feel like we’re doing rather well with the PS3. Potentially, the PS3 will push out better graphics than the 360.

Yeah, well, can the PS3 love like the 360? What if it could?

Red Faction devs find PS3 potentially more powerful than competition [Code Retard]

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