Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil, our highly revered franchise of horror and thrills is back again with more acerbic violencne to satiate our devious and knaving pleasures. Resident Evil 2 is simply a cinematic experience than a video game. After the events of the first game, RE2 sees the entire town of Raccoon City hit with the devastating virus that is now filled with zombies at every street corner. Leon Kennedy, and Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield from the first Resident Evil, have to save themselves from the crapshoot and any survivors. It is a tough battle to get out and escape, one that Capcom makes all too clear.

Gameplay consists of playing one out of the two characters, solving puzzles, and killing zombies. The original Resident Evil allowed for two playable characters but there was not much incentive to do so. One would be able to carry more items, and they would have similar storylines. In Resident Evil 2, the differences between both characters is more complex. Claire starts off with a lock pick, while Leon begins with a lighter, which changes the puzzle solving order. Each character can find different weapons, and newer characters to meet which make the storylines unfold very differently. The subtle changes between Claire and Leon make it so the story is played out differently but essentially furthering the overall plot which is tremendous.

Once you finish a came, you can unlock newer ‘scenarios’ per person. Since both characters are running through the many locations of Raccoon City at the same time, the things you do in the first scenario will affect the other character in his or her second scenario. For instance, if you pick up the submachine gun as Leon the first time and you later go to the same place with Claire, the submachine gun will not be there which is nice to have that complimentary spark.

Resident Evil 2 is majorly a great game but it has some weird puzzles that take away from the gameplay. They can be at times confusing and completely pointless when it comes to actually doing something meaningful which is a huge time waster. As in the first RE, you are only allowed to carry eight items at any time and you need to bring them to ‘storage containers’ that somehow share contents with other bins and are always so incredibly far. Realism in terms of inventory management and the actual progress to the situation is definitely not Resident Evil 2’s forte.

Resident Evil 2, despite it is problems, is an extremely entertaining game with its unique camera angles, storyline, graphics, sound effects, and music. Resident Evil 2 definitely surpasses its predecessor in every aspect even though it can still use some work.

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