Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review

Capcom’s Resident Evil is back, with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and it is quite possibly the scariest game we have ever played. Ever.

Jill Valentine just returns to Raccoon City, and it seems as though the entire Umbrella incident has been forgotten. She quits the STARS force out of disappointment and hopes to catch up with Chris Redfield, who is exploring  Europe to investigate Umbrella’s European headquarters and operations. Unfortunately for Jill, T-Virus type T has been released and it is up to her to get rid of all the zombies once again.

Taking place the night before the events that transpire in RE2, Nemesis  is the most sophisticated horror game and RE game both graphically and in terms of gameplay. While it stays true to the format, Resident Evil 3 is the most accomplished also in terms of atmosphere. Nemesis’ graphics are intense and the loading times are pretty fast. Jill Valentine is also beautiful and does not look like the pixelated models of the original game. The game looks extremely sharp, and is calling out for more each time.

The controls are the same in Resident Evil 3, but the gameplay is definitely different. Capcom has implemented an auto-aiming function that does not detract from the challenge in the game. In this way, ammo is not wasted and there is also a very defensive move when an enemy attacks you.  We are really greatful the puzzles are a lot more reasonable, as opposed to being taken on one big false adventure to save someone through an antidote and find out they would die anyways. Past puzzles and gameplay was largely disappointing, but Resident Evil 3: Nemesis truly makes up for it.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the first in the series to do some serious inventory and ammo management. Throughout the game, you will come across all types of gunpowder, which you will use to create a variety of ammunition for the various weapons you collect. Nemesis is a tough enemy, and you will need to combine all sorts of items for the perfect ammunition set you need (acid, shells, etc.) The new pick-your-path feature lets you opt for one of two choices during key points of the game. Which action you choose will decide how the game plays out, even though largely you are not changing much.

Resident Evil 3 is a brilliat game and unlike any other series that offers improvements that are noticed as time goes on. Resident Evil 3  continues to refine gameplay that is already built on an amazing starting point, and is taking the franchise to whole new levels.

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