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Resident Evil 4 Review

Resident Evil is a genre-defining series that has had its ups and downs, though it has always remained at the forefront of survival horror games. Now on the PlayStation 2, Resident Evil 4 sure didn’t cut corners in translation from the original GameCube version released earlier this year. Resident Evil 4 is simply an amazing adventure, that combines melee in a cinematic gameplay mode chock-full of action and much more. It obviously is not for people who get easily and it is sad because it is hard to imagine anyone else not being consistently thrilled and impressed by what Resident Evil 4 has to offer.


I want a great Resident Evil title

…Leon S. Kennedy again as a hero

…incredible storyline



I want

less tension and more suspense


Resident Evil fans will find themselves with protagonist Leon S. Kennedy, a government agent investigating an inconspicuous European village where the US president’s missing daughter was supposedly sighted. Experiencing the events of the game without knowing what else to expect is a big part of the fun, so suffice it to say the story is filled with surprises, and it further does a great job of continually ratcheting up the sense of danger and tense excitement you will feel right from the get-go.

Having played the original, PS2 matches the GameCube experience, even though this version was announced only at about the same time as production on the original was wrapping up. The game controls just as well on the PS2 as it does on the GameCube, and it boasts support for Pro Logic II-equipped sound systems and widescreen high-definition displays. A few additional weapons and unlockable costumes are also new to this version, but it is not necessarily worth getting a second copy of Resident Evil 4 just for this.

If you haven’t yet played Resident Evil 4, now is a chance to buy it.

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