Resident Evil 5 Zombies Are Racist Themselves

Look what we found on Capcom’s servers above. Let’s get one thing straight. Resident Evil 5 is an action adventure 3rd person shooter set in a village in Africa where a bunch of people are infected and go crazy. The game core itself digs deeps into the root of Africa’s setting, the supposed origins for the infection, and plays upon the realization of the birthplace of humanity.

To think that Capcom would make an iteration to a widely popular series since the 90’s a racist game is ridiculous and there is no indication that it is racist other than there are people in the game, who happen to be zombies and are black. We will not say “black zombies” because the term zombie as identified by our widely accepted Webster’s Dictionary, which is literally worn out from the number of times we have read it last, is a term to specify the living dead in any shape or form. Not color. So what’s the problem? Why is Chris Redfield the enemy here? He’s just a main character, who happens to be white, and is killing to save his life. Is it this fucking hard to understand people?

If anything, the proponents claiming it is racist and the zombies in the games are racist themselves. Look at the trailer. It is one white man, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then, instead of maybe trying to group up to hurt people elsewhere, they all decide to attack the only white man in the village to try and “annihilate” his kind from ever coming there. Yeah. We know. We spun that shit and blew your mind in the process. Think about that one.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. That’s a great opinion about this absolutely ridiculous ‘controversy’, and funny also.

  2. I’m so sick of hearing about racism in gaming… total BS.

    Show me a game where you’re a white supremist and you’re objective is to racially cleanse the land of inferior races… then i’ll jump on the bandwagon and join up the fight to end the hateful, bigotry full, idiotic spread of racial hatred that has no place in art, media, or anywhere for that matter.

    But until a truely racist game such as that comes along…. STFU with this nonsense.

  3. It’s only ever the people that haven’t played re4 and don’t know that they had you pretty much in the same situation except it was the spanish-that ever bring this up-ignorance.

  4. I’m so tired of all the controversy surrounding racism. People always find ways to relate things with racism. Come on people! This is only a game and it would make sense that it is based on Africa. Not South Africa, but the undeveloped parts of Africa.

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