Resident Evil 6: One Of The Worst Resident Evil Game In History – And We Thought Raccoon City Was Bad

Resident Evil 6 is truly a disgrace to the zombie name. Here we thought that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was bad, hoping to really give fans delight in the name of Resident Evil 6’s contrast. Sadly, Resident Evil 6 is the epitome of a nightmare for fans, and casual gamers alike looking for thrills and a good time – none of which is found in the latest iteration in the Resident Evil series. Being quite possibly one of the worst Resident Evil titles, Resident Evil 6 delivers a new meaning to the words lackluster and mediocre action spectacle in the form of horrible set-time events, a disgraceful game mechanics system, but moreover an insult to storytelling which is constantly interrupted in favor of hideous gameplay flaws and elemental disasters.

Resident Evil 6 starts on December 24th, 2012 as Jake Muller, Albert Wesker’s son, escapes authorities during a bio-weapons attack and he partners with Sherry Birkin during the whole ordeal. Chris Redfield and his team from the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) are out trying to fight the Bio-Organic Weapons (BOWS) group.  With three storylines, Resident Evil 6 tries to out-match its previous titles, but unfortunately a stale storyline adventure kills most of the fun to be had. The narration itself is not particularly exciting when combined with gameplay that only detracts from the experience.

Resident Evil 6’s gameplay is standard and subpar at best. Most of the time, it feels like a typical run-and-gun game except that the camera is still over the shoulder and the whole excuse of adding ‘tension’ to this game’s style is a load of hocus pocus. The system feels outdated even though inventory has been reworked into a nice overlay menu, and the game’s actual mechanics suffer from repetition, stupid enemy A.I., and just a host of problems that is not only limited to gunning incessantly but also muddy textures. This is just the beginning of the horror that is Resident Evil 6’s creation. Guns are useless due to the special martial arts moves that has been implemented similar to Resident Evil 5’s system, and are less relied upon. Quick time events come at awkward times, and are prolonged and kill most of the paling action that barely manages to take place between a disaster and a train-wreck that is Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 6’s content is not worth the $59.99 price point (now dropped to 49.99 and soon to hit the $19.99 bargain bin as one of the fastest new additions to bargain bin titles).

Resident Evil 6’s online cooperative mode is relatively better than the singleplayer for the pure fact that companion A.I. in each storyline campaign is useless and hardly serve a purpose with the health regeneration system. The online mode has a smarter companion (a real person) and allows for people to join other people’s campaigns as zombies or enemies, which is an entirely unneeded but exciting concept and the only thing Resident Evil 6’s online campaign has to offer the new fanbase.

Resident Evil 6 is just terrible in general, from the gameplay to the multiplayer and just every element thus far. It is definitely a title no one should get, especially Resident Evil fans unless they wish to be disheartened by how little scares there are to be had, and how many scares there are to be had at such a horrible title it truly is. Resident Evil 6 lacks everything needed in a solid action adventure horror survivalist game and much more in terms of its long-lived dignity in even being called ‘Resident Evil.’

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