WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Resistance 2 Exclusive “MyResistance” Service And More

We went over a walkthrough with the guys from Insomniac Games for Resistance 2. A lot of information was revealed. Check out what we think.

1. Interesting gameplay concept with the Leviathan and increased gameplay is part of

Resistance 2.

a. Textures look phenomenal

b. Draw distance is great

c. Monster eats Ted Price’s main protagonist. Price continues to explain his frustration with the level and messing up as a result of not being a good “presenter and player” at the same time.

2. Shows the beginning of Chicago

a. Loading screen is standard.

b. Demonstrates tech. (shows a vast scape of Chicago)

c. First impression is refractive and reflective water.

d. Swimming alien, looks great and only 1.0 water render engine says Price.

i. Music is traditional to the first one from our note. Any change? According to Price, it has changed a bit in nuances.

ii. Ted Price: “We have upped the gore considerably.” Larger destructive weapons. One weapon actually shoots bullets into the enemies and with the L2 trigger, you can blow the bullets up while inside their bodies. Talk about gruesome.

iii. Grim Horde are performer inhabitants of Chicago. They are seen as a core example of the Motion Capture from San Diego capture headquarters for Insomniac Games.

e. The lighting refractals looks great with particles and what not in the exclusive scenery shown.

f. Weapons just laying on floor (kind of dated), but makes sense for the storyline.

g. Great weapon with bullets and grenades.

3. Body reflective movement is with believable chunks. A lot more enemies, chunks, gore, etc.

4. Not too happy about the closed “barrier” chunks.

5. Levels are big, but they are linear.

6. It is at this point that Ted Price decides to talk about scale. Admittedly, after seeing the first Chicago level we were certain the scale was of minimal quality. Apparently not when the exclusive walkthrough of the San Francisco Bay demo area was shown. There are vast ships that players will be able to board without any load screens. Talk about massive.

a. You will be boarding the ships on the flight and it will be seamless

b. So it’s more geared towards a retroactive approach to answer missing questions in the 1st one. Should be great for those wishing to delve into the story of Nathan Hale.

7. In addition to more intuitive weapons, the rise to fight a more challenging A.I. is demanding. The enhanced A.I is strategic, and wastes no time in demolishing Nathan Hale from rooftops, clinging to the side of buildings and attacking, or a combination of both. This is not the place you want to be when you’re in San Francisco.

8. Smarter strategies, weapons, etc.

9. Integrating community with production

a. “We wanted to create something completely different and create a site that takes social networking to video games,” exclaims Price proudle. This is probably a fully functional profile for Resistance 2 Players. Let’s find out:

Chronicles will be a part of MyResistance and will detail the following:

Latest news for the resistance universe. News FEED for maybe Podcasts? Videos? Or News? Divided umong game related information about Friends, what they’re doing, what trophies they earned most likely

Community development

· Combat badges will increase the interactivity between gameplay and the participation with community.

· Different icons that suggest different items

· More to come about how it relates. It’s obvious.

The entire left side is covered of this Resistance 2 like Myspace-ish community.





Resistance Updates

Progression through game


It is basically like MySpace and MyGoogle. More so of MyGoogle according to Insomniac.


Resistance 2 has a lot of scope and is looking fantastic for a game that has been in development for such a short time. Increased A.I., amazing textures, and stunning graphics with a thoughtful storyline are making this one shooter we are all hungry to get.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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