Resistance 2 Trailer Invading Friday

Just a heads up for all you Resistance fans. There’s a new (or, should I say, first) R2 trailer headed our way this Friday. Resistance 2 will be the best PS3 exclusive this year. That’s right, people, I’m calling it right now without even seeing the trailer! That’s just how bad@$$ I am. (What if Resistance 2 wins a few GOTY awards? Crazy huh?)

Resistance 2 teaser trailer this Friday [Talk PlayStation]


  1. You should use an image of Resistance 2 in the preview instead of one from RFOM. 😛

    Can’t wait till this friday!

    PS- You forgot to mention that it will be debut, world exclusive on GTTV on, at midnight. 😉

  2. PS3s are looking more and more inviting these days, with exclusives like MGS 4, Haze and now the follow up to Resistance is on the way – which is not a surprise to anyone.

    Plus, now that blu-ray has won the format war, this could potentially be a big year for Sony.

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