Resistance 3 Review: The Chimeran Phenomenon

The sky is recrudescent red: smoke fills the gloomy backdrop of a fallen nation with remnants of freedom nonexistent in the eyes of the Chimera, a visceral alien race dedicated on the genocide of what we call Earth. Resistance 3 provides the next cinematic Chimeran action adventure first person shooter title by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment, gracing the world with a trilogy that composes of history of the world in an outer realm where aliens invade earth in the mid-1900s. Resistance 3 develops a smart and sophisticated single-player campaign that honors the name and the series. Resistance 3 is immaculate in presentation, style, music, and the online cooperative gameplay with a 16-player competitive Human vs. Chimera mode brings everything to a graceful and powerful base note. Resistance 3 is the metamorphosis of a series from great to superbly graceful, showing everyone that alien invasion titles can come in multiple depths of substance and are without undying vehemence and power.

Resistance 3 continues after the events of Resistance 2. Players continue from their actions of shooting a very important character in the previous title in the head, and realize the role of the last surviving Sentinel: Joseph Capelli, as he emerges from his elongated period of hiding to venture forth and journey across the devastated lands while fighting the Chimera as he makes his way to New York City. Capelli gave up on the war against the Chimera, who now occupy the entire U.S. and parts of the world; instead, Capelli went into hiding with his wife and young whilst managing some form of a normal life. Dr. Fyodor Malikov continues his quest for the sake of the world and the troublesome climate of the planet going into turmoil by asking Capelli for help regarding a critical fight against the Chimeran virus. To save his own family from harm, Capelli honors Lieutenant Nathan Hale and embarks on a quest that will lead him to the heart of the Chimeran invasion once more and bring back past memories in a whole new way.

Resistance 3’s dynamic single-player campaign and formula have been strengthened from inventive traditional roots to traditional roots with a harrowing tale that fuses prodigiously with offensive action and gameplay unlike any other in the series. The core of the Resistance gameplay remains the same: this is a first person shooter that utilizes minimal HUD and creates an engulfing cinematic experience with plot twists that are seamlessly transitioned from set pieces. As Capelli, players will find themselves utilizing tons of firepower from Haven, Oklahoma to New York, New York. The weapons include classics like the Rossmore, Marksman, and Bullseye. A weapon upgrade system involves a more deep approach to weapons and moreover priority of which weapons to customize given the choice. The long-awaited weapon wheel has made an exciting return as well, allowing for a more sandbox approach given the multiple weapons Capellini can carry. With these new weapons, Insomniac Games has made more possible the open-world element of strategy but also the element of strategy which has always played a critical role in the success of the previous predecessors.

Resistance 3 brings back strategy with a level of mind-encapsulating detail and a true level of map sizes undying nuance in animations, and most importantly Chimeran behavior on the battlefield. The map sizes of the Resistance series have always been a token of the power of the franchise, and the details of textures and stunning environmental ambiance crafts the gameplay of Resistance 3 into a realm that propels it into one of the best and latest first person shooters on the PlayStation 3 console. Insomniac Games always strives to make their games better and consistently more intense with every franchise they have ever made. As surprising as it may seem, Resistance 3 macadamizes Chimeran persona in artificial intelligence on an entirely different plane: they are more real, with weight shifting and a determination to get to someone in any way possible. Health regeneration is gone, giving added realism to the combat. Evolution takes their toll and enemies are constantly climbing on items in a race to end your life and those of your colleagues. Chimera are more intelligent. In Resistance they flanked and dodged realistically, in Resistance 2 they flanked and coordinated in numbers, and in Resistance 3 they are entirely unpredictable and this creates the magic of Resistance 3.

Online cooperative and competitive gameplay brings Insomniac Games’ caliber for mature and defining gameplay and also inventive innovation to constantly make a game worthwhile, and Resistance 3 is clearly just another example of this. Resistance 3 comes with a leveling feature that utilizes levels and unlocks perk abilities. Perks are not the most original concept anymore thanks to Call of Duty, but Insomniac Games makes them fun. Holograph imagery, and radar reveal are just a few of the benefits of this system. Weapon customizations are also unlocked over leveling time, and there is the same amount of single-player customization that gives the multiplayer more than enough vitality for the play-through.  Killsteaks are fun and exciting with a bit of their own perks we will keep secret. Split-screen multiplayer is also included with popular demand not only with cooperative but also single-player. Players can level up to a maximum level of 60 and unlock in-game titles in addition to many other unlocks.

Resistance 3 is the best Resistance title in the franchise and unmistakably one of the best first person shooters to debut on the PlayStation 3 console in 2011. The gameplay design is pristinely refined, the Chimeran reality is more substantial than ever before, and the multiplayer package is one that gives an equal balance to cooperative and competitive gamers alike. The Chimeran virus reality is coming to an all-time high as the world is plummeting into a phenomenal catastrophe. It is up to you to save it and experience the ruin that the world has become, even if the glimpse of a stable future is dim.

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