Ride Along Review: Get Us Off This Terrible Ride


Ride Along Director Tim Story is best known for the Fantastic Four movies and those did decently at the box office. Ride Along, however, leaves us struggling to believe it can do any better at the box office itself with its weak plot, unfunny scenes for a majority of the movie in general, and just lack of real storyline direction for a comedy.

Rarely do comedies make for great films, but when they do they pull off quite a few qualities: classy humor, good storyline, a mix between funny and tense scenes, and finally great direction. Ride Along features a different story than has been done in the past with stars Kevin Hart as Ben Barber and Ice Cube as James Payton, but that is really where the appeal of the movie ends. The storyline centers on Ben as a security guard who has to prove himself to his girlfriend’s brother who also happens to be a star police officer in the Atlanta Police Department. In an attempt to get rid of Ben, Ice Cube’s character goes on a 24-hour “ride” along with Ben through the toughest parts of Atlanta to scare him away from his sister in a rather vapid bet where they both disrespectfully objectify the sister as well.

Ride Along is entirely a would-be comedy that even Kevin Hart cannot hold up with his live presence. The actor is mildly entertaining in his comedic scenes, but fails to entirely uproot the films mediocre perception and terrible storyline into anything more than entertaining. For anyone looking to see Ride Along, we recommend waiting for a rental. And if not, be ready for the worst movie ‘ride along’ that 2014 has to offer.

 Rating: 0.5/5 stars

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